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Introducing the Studio for your Mind ​

Hi, welcome to the Capacities Docs! πŸ‘‹

Capacities is a next-generation note-taking app built for personal knowledge management. We live in an age of information abundance – and constant distractions by social media and attention-grabbing apps. This can be quite overwhelming. Capacities is made for individuals who want to take back control and build lasting, specific knowledge around their interests and professional domain. Capacities is a calm place for your intellectual endeavors – a studio for your mind. Your journey into the next generation of note-taking and personal knowledge management starts here!

Capacities in a nutshell ​

Capacities is built on a unique combination of three fundamental pillars.

There are no folders, everything is connected ​

All your content gets organized in a network – you can create, link, and embed content from within any other content. All connections are stored and become part of your network of ideas. You don’t have to think about the folders or databases when you want to keep something. Instead, you just create a note and connect as you go. On top, you can use tags to collect content for specific topics, areas, or projects and generate beautiful overview pages over time.

While you create connections as they come naturally, Capacities automatically displays them as context-rich backlinks and visualizes them in a graph view. It requires some learning and trust in the system, but it's worth it: It removes the burden of top-down organization and adds space for creative thinking.

Read more about networked note-taking.

Every note is an object, notes have a type ​

Each content in Capacities has a type. Unlike other apps that let you create one type of note that is supposed to work for everything, Capacities lets you create people, books, meetings, and everything you need for your work. Every type has its customizable properties and a unique design to best support your specific use case.

On top, Capacities comes with basic types like images, tweets, web links, or PDFs, which offer additional functionality. With the type system, you get a great base level of organization out of the box: Each type of content is stored in its own database, which can be explored, sorted, filtered, or searched.

Read more about objects and types.

All you do is connected to time ​

Time is a fundamental dimension in Capacities. With daily notes, you get a dedicated place for every day.

They are part of a calendar view that lets you zoom out to plan your week or review your whole month. Your meetings, journals, and every content you create and interact with will become part of that calendar. A chronological view of our thoughts allows us to better understand, review, or browse your content.

Read more about dates and daily notes.

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