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Properties make up the structure of a content type. They define what kind of information each entity of that type can hold. A property has a name, an icon, a type, and a type.

There are three groups of properties: default properties, normal properties, and type-specific properties.

Default properties

Default properties are properties that every content type has, no matter what. Under the hood, they will always be there, even if they are not shown in the list of properties for a content type. For your custom content types, you can have them displayed by adding them as a property from the property dropdown.

This is the list of all default properties.

  • Title The title of an entity. It is a plain text property. The title is quite important for search, so giving your content a meaningful title can help you to access it more quickly.
  • Description
  • Icon
  • Created at
  • Tags

Normal properties

These properties can be used by the user and are also used to construct some properties of the basic content types as well.


A plain text property without any formatting.


A simple number property (no currency or unit formatting supported yet).


A simple checkbox property that can either be checked or unchecked.


A blocks property that can hold any kind of blocks-based content.


A date property that can be extended to include a time.

🚧  Work in progress

We are in the process of restructuring the date time property to connect it with the daily note of that date and show it in the calendar view. You can follow this issue here on our feedback board.


Single select: Allows linking to one entity of a specified type as the content of this property (Capacities will display all options for other types directly in the dropdown with the label single).

Multiple select: Allows linking several entities of a specified type as the content of this property (Capacities will display all options for other types directly in the dropdown with the label multiple)

Type-specific properties

We use these specific properties to add specific data or functionality to our basic content types. The file resource property of an image (or other media types) that holds the reference to the actual file and shows a download button in table view is an example for that.

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