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Organizational structures

Capacities is a very flexible tool in terms of content organization. But all the options can be a bit confusing in the beginning. Here's an overview:



There is a database for each type of content. This gives you a base-level organization by content type out of the box.

Whenever you create an object of a certain content type, it will show up in the database automatically.



A collection can be seen as a subset of a database. It can only contain objects of the same content type. So you can create collections of images, web links, etc.

A collection can be useful to create a curated set of objects of the same type. This can also be great for sharing.

📚  Tutorial

Read our tutorial about databases and collections to learn how to use those in practice.



A tag is content type with

  • a title,
  • a color,
  • an optional description,
  • and an optional icon.

Tags are used to categorize objects. Any object can be tagged. If you visit the tag page, all tagged content will be displayed using one of the data views:

In addition, sorts and filters can be applied. Tags can also be fully embedded in other objects (such as pages). When embedded, they get a new set of sorts and filters which is only applied locally. This way you can create dashboards of different tags with individual sorts and filters applied.

The tag page also shows the most relevant related tags based on common connections with the content. This allows you to quickly navigate to related topics.

📚  Tutorial

Read our tutorial about tags to learn how to use those in practice.

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