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Saving content from your phone

We have ideas and inspirations we want to capture all the time, not just when we work at our computers. For that, we provide different options to quickly save text, images, and web links from your phone, Twitter, or your email inbox.

To allow that we provide different integrations that you can activate in the settings of the app. They all allow you to quickly add content to Capacities.

With our integrations, you can

  1. Capture text and media with WhatsApp (More).
  2. Create a Telegram chat with Capacities (More).
  3. Send emails to Capacities (More).
  4. Save tweets and threads from Twitter (More).

We will add more and more integrations over time. Capturing content should be as frictionless as possible.

Integrations and Mobile App

Feel free to suggest ideas for integrations or vote on integrations on our feedback board. Capacities will also have a mobile app. Check out the status on our roadmap.

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