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Views ​

We use views as a broad term in Capacities whenever content (one or many objects) is displayed in a certain way. We distinguish between object views, data views, and the graph view.

Object views ​

Object views are the views for a single object. Here are the different object view categories using the example of a tweet object.

Inline view ​

Inline view

Small card view ​

Small card view

Wide card view ​

Wide card view

Embed view ​

Embed view

Page view ​

Page view view

Data views ​

Data views are the views for a group of objects. These views occur on many occasions, for example when displaying the content of a database, a collection, or a tag. In the case of wall and gallery views, they utilize the small card object view of each object in the group to construct the wall and grid.

Table view ​

Table view

Gallery view

Wall view ​

Wall view

List view ​

List view

Graph view ​

The graph view is a special view that allows you to explore the local context of an object by visualizing all ingoing and outgoing connections.

List view

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