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We use views as a broad term in Capacities whenever content (one or many objects) is displayed in a certain way. We distinguish between object views, data views, and the graph view.

Object views

Object views are the views for a single object. Here are the different object view categories using the example of a tweet object.

Inline view

Inline view

Small card view

Small card view

Small card view customization

The small card view of each custom object can be customized to show or hide properties on the card. You can choose which properties are shown and in which order they appear.

People small card example

_The rounded picture is part of the profile page layout.

Country small card example

Places small card example

To customize the view, you can either open the object settings and scroll to the new ‘customize card view’ section...

Customize card view in the settings

...or you can open the object menu found with the three dots. There you can also click ‘customize card view’.

Customize card view via object menu

The title is mandatory but you can choose to show or hide any other property. You will see the ‘Word count property too – which is usually found in the right-hand sidebar but is now also available on the small card if you would like.

Word count example

If you hover over the icon you will see the property title, its type, and the description (if you’ve added one). If you want to edit the icon, you need to open the object settings though.

Hover over the icon for property details

Once you have configured the view, this configuration will be the same across the wall view and gallery view for that object, and in the small card view of any item embedded from that object.

Small card customization view when embedded in a page

The gallery will show all property fields even if empty, but the wall view will hide those properties until they’re filled to make the view more compact.

Gallery view with small card customization

Gallery view display all selected properties, even when empty

Wall view with small card customization

Wall view hides empty properties

Most properties are editable on the small card itself, which can make you a lot faster to quickly fill out dates or select properties. Number, blocks, and text properties can not be edited on the small card though.

Edit property from the card

For our object type templates available in the object studio (the place, where you add a new object type), we've created some nice default small card view customizations that show the most relevant properties. If you use the templates, you can of course customize the small card view to your liking.

Where to find templates

Wide card view

Wide card view

Embed view

Embed view

Page view

Page view view

Data views

Data views are the views for a group of objects. These views occur on many occasions, for example when displaying the content of a database, a collection, or a tag. In the case of wall and gallery views, they utilize the small card object view of each object in the group to construct the wall and grid.

Table view

Table view

Gallery view

Wall view

Wall view

List view

List view

Graph view

The graph view is a special view that allows you to explore the local context of an object by visualizing all ingoing and outgoing connections.

List view

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