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Community is super important to us. When we launched into public beta in January 2022 we were just active on Twitter. It allowed us to engage with like-minded people, share our progress, and build in public. Over time, as more and more people started using our product, we've added several other channels. Here's a quick overview of what each channel is for:‚


How to join

You can join our Discord community via this invite link.


How to find us

Just follow us at @CapacitiesHQ. 😃

We also often post personal thoughts and ideas or engage in discussions with our personal profiles @steffenBle and MvHohnhorst. 🐦💭

Feedback board

On our website you can post bugs, ideas, and feature requests to a public feedback board. On top, you can upvote and comment on posts.

You benefit from the transparency, the likelihood of a feature being implemented based on the votes it received and by being notified of status changes of posts you've created or upvoted. We as the team behind Capacities get an overview of what you are most interested in and can prioritize requests based on their votes. It also allows us to read and reply to user comments, which can add a lot of depth of understanding to your requests.

Based on our vision, ideas and your requests we derive a roadmap which is publicly available.

How to participate

Just visit our 📨 feedback board (issues, feature requests, bugs) or 🗺 public roadmap. To vote, comment, and create new posts on the feedback board you need an Capacities account.


How to find us

Our Instagram profile is @capacitieshq. 📷

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