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Capacities on Mobile

Our mobile app is built to be the perfect companion to the desktop app - search, upload, and take notes on the go.


Mobile is still in beta, but we're in the final phases of testing now. We'll update this when the app is available.

Accessing the App

It will be available through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. If you are a Pro or Believer wanting to test the beta version, you will have a link to it in your subscription confirmation email.

The mobile app is built around 4-5 main buttons at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Sidebar
  2. Calendar & Daily Note
  3. Quick Action Palette
  4. Search
  5. AI Chat (if AI is enabled on Capacities Pro)

Mobile menu

Read more about each section below.

This is similar to the left sidebar on your desktop app. You can swipe to open this or click on the icon in the bottom right of the screen.

Sidebar on mobile

Here you will find:

  1. The space switcher
  2. Your recently opened objects
  3. Any open tabs on mobile
  4. Your pinned objects
  5. All your object types
  6. Settings
  7. Dark mode toggle
  8. Logout button

This is a quick way to access search and recently opened items. You can swipe to open it.

Calendar on Mobile

The calendar is a central part of the mobile app, just as it is on desktop.

The calendar button will open your daily note. If you tap once it opens the last opened daily note. If you tap twice, it will open today's daily note.

Mobile Daily Note

You can also access other calendar features, such as the date references, timeline and the objects created on that day.

On this day mobile

With the three dot menu next to the daily note title, you can access more options for your daily note.

  1. Share your daily note
  2. Load templates
  3. Edit the object settings
  4. Export your notes
  5. Copy
  6. Delete your daily note

Quick Actions on Mobile

We have created a quick action menu for common actions:

  1. Create New Objects
  2. Create a quick note
  3. Take a photo and upload to Capacities
  4. Access your photos to upload one to Capacities
  5. Select a file to upload
  6. Paste from clipboard
  7. Access the AI Assistant

Quick actions

Read more about each below!

Create New Object on Mobile

Create any object of any type with this command.

You can scroll to choose the object type you need, or type to refine the search.

This will open a new object for editing.

Add new object

Quick Note

Quickly add a note to your daily note with this command.

This command takes you to a new block in your daily note, ready to type.

Take Photo

Take a photo in Capacities and upload it instantly as an image object. From here you can rename, add tags and take notes in the 'notes' tab.


You will need to approve the necessary permissions when prompted.

Access your photos

If you have a photo you want to upload, you can also access your camera roll from Capacities. This will be uploaded to Capacities as an image object too.


You will need to approve the necessary permissions when prompted.

Select File

Just like images, you can also choose a file to upload to Capacities.

Paste from Clipboard

Copy links, images, and more into Capacities with this command.

Copy from a different app, open Capacities and choose the 'paste from Clipboard' option.

Access the AI Assistant on Mobile

You can access the power of the AI Assistant on mobile too with this command.

This option opens a new AI chat window and loads the text box so you can instantly begin chatting.

You can also choose which model you want to use in the top right corner.

If you run this command from an object, you will be able to load it as context like on the desktop app.

If you have an AI chat open, you will see a purple AI button in the bottom right corner of your screen. You can reopen it at any point.

If you want to close the AI chat, click the trash icon on the top right corner of the AI window.

AI Assistant

Search on Mobile

Access our powerful search function from the search icon, or by swiping left in any screen.

Search works with

  • titles
  • page content
  • properties

Search on mobile

Swipe actions

We have enabled swipe actions in most screens.

  • swipe to navigate forwards/backwards
  • swipe to open the sidebars
  • swipe to previous weeks in the calendar

Editing on Mobile

Each object has tabs at the top for easy navigation.

  • content

  • the properties

  • the graph view

The default is the content tab, so you can get to your notes quickly.

Mobile object

Text Editing & Block Selection

You have full text editing capabilities on mobile via the editing menu above your keyboard.

It uses the same symbols and commands as on desktop (such as @ and +).

You can select a block by tapping on the triple bar button to the right. This will select the block and open the mobile action panel.

Here you can

  • indent
  • unindent
  • cut
  • copy
  • duplicate
  • open the AI chat (with the selected block as context)

If you no longer want that menu, click elsewhere on the screen or swipe down to close it.


Share Sheet

We have also enabled share sheet, allowing you to add content to Capacities from other apps.

This works with weblinks, photos and blocks of text from other apps.

Share sheet

Mobile Limitations

The Capacities mobile app should be seen as a companion to the desktop apps, not as a replacement. Some features will never be added to mobile, but others will be as we develop it futher.

Right now, the following features and actions are not supported on mobile:

  • no bulk actions
  • can't change object types
  • can't create new object types
  • no 'move to' action
  • no editing templates (but you can apply them)
  • no link view options
  • no advanced search (Pro)
  • no block references

If you would like to request something specific, please feel free to upvote on Canny

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