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Our Roadmap for Offline Support

Over the next months, we are on a mission to improve the offline support for Capacities.

You can already work offline with Capacities. Your changes will be synchronized as soon as you're back online. Nevertheless, if content is not loaded, you won't be able to access it at the moment. Also, some features and pages are not available.

Here's our roadmap towards achieving better offline support over time.

  • Content layer on your device: Content gets stored on your device and will be used before fetching content from the server

  • Conflict resolution: If you work on content from two different devices, changes will not just get overwritten. We're solving this with a prompt allowing you to select the version you want. Later, we'll work on more sophisticated merging algorithms

  • Fail save syncing: Synchronization should never fail. Although this is not possible, we're reducing the number of synchronization issues to a minimum.

  • 🔳 Having all content on your device: All content will get downloaded to your device. You'll be able to access and edit it while offline

  • 🔳 Better local search: Adjusting all search systems so that they work offline. They will not initially have all the features of offline search, but you'll be able to link and navigate to all content by searching its title.

  • 🔳 Local backlinks: We'll make all backlink data available on your device so you can view tag pages and backlinks even when offline.

  • 🔳 Local media storage: Files and images will get downloaded and stored on your device. You'll be able to display and use them on your device.

  • 🔳 Offline media uploads: Support for uploading content while offline. It will be stored on your device and uploaded when you're back online.

  • 🔳 Offline calendar: Information around dates and events will be stored and updated locally so all functions in your calendar also work when you're offline

  • 🔳 Offline queries: All queries should load and update even when offline. In the beginning, this will not be true for all kinds of queries.

  • 🔳 Local backups (TBD): You'll be able to create a markdown backup of your local data on your device. Potentially automated.

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