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Our digital lives involve more than just notes but the files, notes, images, and links we need might be spread across several apps. Capacities bridges that gap with the file object type and the option to link to file on your computer.

You can upload files to Capacities, tag them and add notes to them.

What file types?

All file types should upload into Capacities. If they align with a different basic type, such as an image or pdf, your upload will convert to the relevant object type. Everything else will upload as a file.


In order to view the files, you will need to download them to their own apps. But the file object type lets you integrate these files as objects, within your knowledge work and your Capacities workflows.

Uploading a file

You can upload a file in any of the ways you create another type of object, all of which are explained here.


There is a 100 MB limit on file uploads.

File Upload

Adding notes

Just like other basic object types, you can write notes beneath files to link to other objects, or hold important information about it.

Working with files

Linking to files on your computer

You can link to files on your computer in your notes. When you click on the link, the file will open in the default application on your computer.

Linking to files on your computer

To link to a file on your computer you need to either paste a file link, or link to a file using the link option in the text editor bar. A file link is a URL that points to the file on your computer. It always starts with file:// followed by the path to the file.

  • Mac OS: You can get a file link by right-clicking on the file path in your finder and selecting "Copy "MyFile.pdf" pathname". You then need to add a file:// prefix to the path. For example, file://Users/username/Documents/MyFile.pdf.

  • Windows: You can get a file link by right-clicking on the file in your explorer and selecting "Copy as path". You then need to add a file:// prefix to the path. For example, file://C:\Users\username\Documents\MyFile.pdf.

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