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In Capacities, images are not just extras that you add to your notes. They are their own entities.

All images become image objects, and this means they can individually tagged or enriched with notes.

All images you find will be in the images object type in the lefthand sidebar.

You can reuse images in any object, with the usual @ or [[]] shortcuts.

Annotated Image

Adding an Image to Capacities

If you're wanting to integrate an image into your notes, the easiest way to do so is by copying and pasting it into your notes. Or you can type '/image in your notes and choose/upload one from there.

You can also access this option from going to your images object type, finding the three dots, clicking new image and then following the instructions there.

Here, you can drag and drop, paste, browse Unsplash or add an image from a URL.

Image upload options

Different Views for the images

If you are using an image in your notes, you can choose how it looks when embedded into that page.

Image view options

In line

in line


The default title for images is 'image', but you can change that by editing the title when you open your image object.

link block

Embedded images

There are different options here to support the different ratios of your images- test out the different options so you can find how your image looks best!

embedded image

Adding notes/tags

We want you to be able to treat images the same as you would treat other objects. This means we automatically give each image the option to be tagged, and a place for you to take notes if you'd like.

Annotated Image

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