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PDFs feature in so much of our digital lives, and they can be part of your Capaities life too.

Currently PDFs are read only, but they can still be tagged, referenced or embedded in other objects which helps bring them into your work.


You can upload a PDF in any of the ways you create another type of object, all of which are explained here.

Add PDFs

Renaming & Tagging

If you'd like to rename or tag your PDF, you can do so by opening the right hand sidebar for each individual PDF.

Or, if you'd like a bird's eye view, you can do it in the table view. Table view PDF editing

Embedding PDFs in other pages

Just like any other type of object, PDFs can easily be embedded elsewhere with the @ or [[]] shortcuts. You can choose the view you need too.

Here's what each view looks like:

Inline PDF View

inline PDF

Link block

Widecard PDF View

Widecard PDF

Small Card PDF View

Small Card PDF

Embedded PDF view

PDF Embedded in a page

PDF annotations and highlighting

This is not currently possible but we have big plans for this. You can see what we're focusing on in the first half of 2024 in our latest update.

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