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Hookmark integration

Hookmark enables you to copy, paste and use two-way links between Capacities and other apps (files, web pages, emails, and more).


Community integrations are not part of the official Capacities product. We are reviewing and testing all integrations and are in contact with the developers to ensure the quality of the integrations. However, we cannot guarantee the quality of the integrations and are not responsible for any issues that may arise from using them.

It's a great app for researchers, students, and, more broadly, anyone who works with knowledge. It's based on research in Cognitive Productivity and is developed by a great team of researchers. You can read more about Hookmark on their website.


You can save a link to any note in Hookmark by quickly opening the app while using Capacities. Your notes can then be "hooked" to websites, PDFs, files, or content in other apps. You can also use the Hookmark menu bar app to quickly find and copy links to your Capacities notes and paste them into other apps.

You can read our article “Better linking with Hookmark" or more about the integration in Hookmark's documentation.

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