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Using the Twitter integration

Twitter is a great medium to collect ideas, thoughts, and inspirations. Don't lose these insights anymore by saving them to your second brain - within Capacities or even directly from Twitter. Let's see how!

Saving tweets in general

You can paste a link to a tweet everywhere in Capacities. It will automatically be saved as a tweet and will be stored in your "Tweets" database.


If you want to save a thread/tweetstorm just copy the link to the last tweet in that thread and paste it to Capacities.


Using the integration

You can connect your Twitter account to Capacities and save a tweet or thread by commenting it on Twitter. Just follow these steps:

1. Connect your Twitter account

In your account settings or in your "Tweets" database you will find a button to connect your Twitter account. Just follow the steps to connect.


2. Save a tweet

On Twitter you can now save a tweet by commenting it with the following text:

@CapacitiesHQ save


If you want to save a thread/tweetstorm you need to comment the last tweet of that thread with

@CapacitiesHQ save

If you want to save a tweet or thread to a specific space other than your selected default space you can add the space number, here the third space, based on the order of your spaces in your home dashboard.

@CapacitiesHQ save /3

You can also add any tags directly to the tweet by using the # symbol. Note that certain rules apply for valid tags.

❗️ Rules for tags

  • You cannot use special characters in your tags.
  • Spaces will automatically be transformed. So if you have a tag called Cognitive Bias simply add #cognitivebias to your text, it will automatically be matched.

And if you want to save a tweet directly to one of your collections, for example to my collection "Inspirations", you can specify the name of that collection surrounded by quotation marks in your message. Your collections name should not contain quotations marks itself. This works with and without specifying a space number.

@CapacitiesHQ save /3 "Inspirations"

3. Find them in your space.

After around 30 seconds, the saved tweet will get liked by Capacities and you can find it in the selected space. Just open the "Today" section or go to your tweet database.


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