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Web Highlights Integration

Web Highlights is a popular Chrome extension that enables you to highlight websites. You can copy a markdown version of your highlights to Capacities to add it to your knowledge work.


Community integrations are not part of the official Capacities product. We are reviewing and testing all integrations and are in contact with the developers to ensure the quality of the integrations. However, we cannot guarantee the quality of the integrations and are not responsible for any issues that may arise from using them.

Web Highlights is a popular PDF & Web Highlighter which you can download from the Chrome Web Store.

You can use it to highlight websites. When you do this, you will be able to copy a markdown version of your highlights to Capacities to integrate with your knowledge work.



Please note this is not a full integration. You will need to copy markdown to Capacities and your notes will need some formatting when brought into Capacities. We're in contact with the developer and a Capacities integration is on the roadmap.

Copy Highlights out of Web Highlights

Click the three dots in the top right of your highlighting window and click "copy Markdown". This saves the highlights, tags and notes. You will also get thet title, a description and the url of the page you highlighted when you paste it into Capacities.

Copy Highlights

Adding Highlights to Capacities

You can paste the highlights you have just copied into any object, so you can either create a new page and paste, or open an existing object and paste.

You will need to format this object a little to give it a title at least.


Alternatively, save the webpage as a weblink first and then copy the highlights in. Then you can delete the extra information you don't need, just keeping your highlights and tags.

Weblink version

You can read more about how to highlight on Web Highlights' website.

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